How to Apply Eyeliner – Tips for Women Over 40 & Contact Wearers

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Just How to Use Eyeliner Over 40: Step by Step Eye Liner Tutorial For Fully Grown Eyes


Eyeliners are real hot! Yet numerous females over 40, 50, as well as past have a hard time using eyeliner for lots of factors consisting of:

  • wrinkled or hooded top eyelids
  • sagging or sagging top eyelids
  • poor vision
  • shaky hands
  • don’t understand just how to apply correctly to boost fully grown eyes
  • are not using the right eyeliner makeup (pencil vs. gel)

However, I’ll reveal you how to attract eye liner that’s very easy and also looks natural.

Why is eye liner essential


As we mature whatever seems to discolor … skin color, hair color, eye shade, also eyelashes and also eyebrows discolor. So a little bit of eye liner applied correctly can aid make us look much less weary, improve eye color as well as even brighten our entire face!

How to apply eye liner on top eyelid

At some point time after 40, our eyelids begin drooping downward.

Ok, here is just how I use eye liner on the upper lid.

No demand to fret about winkled eyelids, inadequate vision, or unsteady hands. This defines your top eyelid and also make lashes look thicker as well


You simply require to:

  • press the eye liner pencil versus the internal eyelash line
  • slide the pencil back and also forth a couple of times till sufficient shade is deposited

Additionally, it’s an excellent concept to sharpen your pencil prior to each usage to stop smudging and also to cleanse the pencil of any germs from the last use.

There are all kinds of eye liner tips, but this last action can truly offer your eyes a good lift.

Simply draw one line right up from the end of your eyelash line.

Don’t draw the line right out(like pet cat’s eyes style) as this will more than likely draw attention to any sagging of the eyelids.

Heavy cat’s eyes style eye liner might function well on 20 somethings, but once the eyelid begins drooping, you require to make up by fixing a limit up towards your brows. I discovered that by drawing one thin line upwards provides the eyes a great lift.


Exactly how tilted should that line be?

Currently, just include mascara as well as your eyes have definition, lift and also a bit of pop – without looking over-done or heavy.


Note: If you have concerns with delicate eyes, you could intend to skip lining the inner eyelid rim as well as just use eye liner on the external component of the lids. Avoid to the eye liner tutorial for easy tips on exactly how to do that.

Just how to use eye liner on reduced eyelid

Depending upon your eye form and also the condition of you skin, you might have the ability to use a little of eye liner on the reduced lid. If so, try this pointer and see exactly how it looks on you.

Using your index finger, lightly draw your reduced eyelid down. Currently run the pencil on the 1/3 external edge only of the inside the reduced eyelid rim (water line). If you draw a line from end to end throughout the reduced lid, it can look as well harsh.

Now add a little color to the external lower covers for even more definition

Note: Make certain to keep the color down payment extremely light. You just desire a hint of shade laying out the lower cover to make your eye stand-out.

Depending on the sizes and shape of your eyes, some women choose to miss this action entirely.

Additionally, numerous find a few of the eye liner color from the top cover will certainly transfer to the reduced cover when they blink as well as this is typically sufficient to give a light rundown for the reduced lid.

Why type of eyeliner do I make use of? A pencil eyeliner that stays on!

I have really sensitive eyes and have tried plenty of eye liners.

However, if you still have a problem with vanishing eye liner, smudges, smears or issues with contact lenses check out the pointers listed below on the benefits of gel linings …

Smudge evidence eyeliner for call lenses and also other issues

Applying eye liner to the waterline can be an issue for contact users if the residue gets stuck to the rim of the lenses. If this sounds acquainted, try these tips:



  • First, it’s tough to manage and usually deposit way too much shade.
  • Second, it’s so soft as well as will certainly leave deposit on your get in touch with lenses.
  • Third, it will certainly thaw, smudge and also go away too promptly.

Best eyeliner for all circumstances

2. Use a waterline eyeliner appropriate for contact users and also for those that desire a smear-proof, soft all-natural everyday look.


A smudge-proof, water-proof eye liner gel that’s applied with a thin sharp brush is an exceptional selection, particularly for application control.


  • You’ll have extra control over the application
  • It won’t deposit as well much shade per swipe
  • It will not disappear, melt or smear as quickly
  • It won’t leave as much residue on your contact lenses

3. You can see how to do this in the eyeliner tutorial listed below …

Eyeliner tutorial for mature eyes and get in touch with lenses


Water-proof, smudge-proof gel based eyeliners are extremely contact lens pleasant and will get rid of the issue of your liner going away or thawing right into any kind of eye wrinkles, folds or hooded eyelids.

But, some feel it can look extreme and also rough and I concur.

What I such as concerning this eye liner is it won’t dry out instantly so you have time to clean away and very first time errors. And also of all the gel eye liners I have actually attempted, this brand NEVER irritates my eyes. You can have a look at all the different gel eyeliner shades offered by Mother Makeup here.

If you similar to this tutorial, checkout Mother Make-up’s DO & DON’T eyeliner application tutorial.

Puffy eyes or crepey skin?

If you have problems with puffy or crinkly, crepey under eye skin – you can temporarily hide them with one swipe of the Immediate Eye Tuck Lotion.

Now, it’s on sale at Amazon …


How to apply eyeliner final ideas

Bear In Mind, there is no incorrect or right method to apply eye liner. Exactly how you use it or what kind of eyeliner you utilize all relies on lots of elements like your eye form and what concerns you may have. it refers what works best for you.

A Note Regarding Tough Wax Eyeliner Pencils: Some whine that hard-waxy kind eyeliners are hard to use since they don’t depositing enough color, particularly when they’re all new. Below is what you can do:

  • Attempt heating it up a bit, by putting the idea into the palm of your hand for a few mins, the color will certainly glide on more conveniently.
  • Or, take into consideration rolling the pointer in between your fingers (ensure your fingers/hands are tidy) for a couple of seconds.

If you have any type of eye issues or clinical problems, constantly consult with an ophthalmologist before using eye liner or eye makeup.

Prior To You Go … What’s Happening with Your Brows?

Well defined eyes require full-looking brows to help frame the face and offer a much more younger, approachable face. Thin, spare, barely-there eyebrows can make you look older, washed-out, or weary.

Go here to see just how to make brows thicker, fuller without makeup!

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